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The average turnover of Neuvox Oy has since 2001 grown average by 15% per annum, being 9 M€ in 2014 (for the corporation, 11,4 M€).

In the last few years, the greatest growth has resulted from the export to Russia, started in 2010. In 2013 it already accounted for 40% of the turnover. The biggest question mark in early 2014 was how to keep the volumes to Russia at good level.


During the last spring, the business environment in Russia took a dramatic change for the worse due to the East Ukrainian conflict and the resulting sanctions, counter-sanctions and the falling rouble. Exports stopped for a couple of months. The rapidly falling crude oil prices during the autumn also reduced the prices of petrochemical products, and in spite of the weak exchange rate of the rouble, exports were again starting to boom. In November, after decision to let the rouble float, the exchange rate of the rouble against euro quickly weakened from the level of 55 to 80. The exports again stopped. What a truly stressful year in respect of exports to Russia!

The import from Russia in 2014 continued at the level of the previous year. After all, the year eventually became a good one as measured by all key figures.

A businessman is an eternal optimist.

Next year will be better than this one! Towards the end of the year, the oil price (brent) should go up towards the USD 80 level, the exchange rate of the rouble against euro towards the level of 65, and exports to Russia are again starting to boom! Owing to the sanctions, counter-sanctions, exchange rate of the rouble and the oil price, the business environment in Russia has in fact stabilized during the early part of the year to a certain level. The Russian domestic market, including the building material industry, remains functional. The demand for chemicals has by no means vanished anywhere.

Helsinki, February 12, 2015

Arto Manninen
Managing Director

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